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Monthly Archives: August 2020

In Pictures: Food of Le Palais (頤宮) in Taiwan

Fine Dining Chinese Cuisine

The 2020 Michelin 3-star Restaurant

Technology Adoption in U.S. Household from 1860 to 2019

Did Trump Create Or Inherit A Strong U.S. Economy?

Source : Statista

History of U.S. Bear and Bull Stock Markets

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Source : FT Portfolios

The Buffett Indicator for U.S. Stocks is at All-time High

Source : Bloomberg

In Pictures: 1959 Porsche 356A Convertible D

Source : Bring A Trailer

Record Decline in Canadian Household Spending

Household final consumption: durable and semi-durable goods

Household final consumption: non-durable goods and services

Source : Statistics Canada

Canadian Economy Shrank In the Last Two Quarters, Officially Entering a Recession

GDP Growth Annualized

Exports and Imports Plunged in Q2

Source : Statistics Canada and Trading Economics

Infographic: 了解数字人民币

Manitoba Tops Canada in Active Cases per Capita