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Charts: U.S. Container Freight Volume Is Shrinking in September 2022

Confirming the slackening of merchandise trade and downturn in the business cycle.

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Chart: Ocean Freight Rate Dropping

Source : Freightos Baltic Index

Chart: Shipping Companies Cut Services as Freight Rates Plunge

International container shipping rates continue plunging amid weakening demand, prompting shipping companies to slash services.

The Shanghai Containerized Freight Index published by the Shanghai Shipping Exchange, the world’s most-used benchmark for sea freight rates, fell Friday to a reading of 1,814, down nearly 70% from the beginning of this year.

Source : Caixin

Chart: New York City Ride-Hailing Still Feeling Pandemic Crunch

Source : Statista

In Pictures: Hangzhou’s Newest Station Unveiled

Hangzhou’s newest railway station was built for the postponed 2022 Asian Games and will soon open to traffic. West Station, in the capital of East China’s Zhejiang province, is nine floors high, covers 500,000 square meters, and has 11 platforms, making it the largest station on the Huzhou-Hangzhou line

Source : Caixin

Chart: Imports to Los Angeles Plunged 17% in August 2022

Source : ZeroHedge

Chart: EV Market Revenue Set To Hit $384 Billion in 2022

Source : Statista

Infographics: The World’s Largest Container Shipping Companies

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Source : Visual Capitalist

China Road Freight Volumes Down in the Last 3 Weeks

Flare-ups of Covid-19 revived disruptive roadblocks for truckers.

China’s road freight volume index fell 18.3% year-on-year in the week of July 11, the third consecutive week of decline, according to data from industry information provider G7. The index measures truck traffic volume and the quantity of goods processed in major logistics centers. Week-on-week, the slump was a more modest 1.3%.

Source : Weixin

Infographic: 中國新能源汽车保有量突破1000万辆

Source : 新华网