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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Affordability of Housing in Hong Kong

Price/Annual Income Ratio and Mortgage/Monthly Income since 1996

Real Gold Price in USD, CNY and Indian Rupee

Monthly since 1975

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US Velocity of Money

Velocity of MZM Money Stock Since 1950

Divergence of Asian and Developed Economies

10-year Moving Average of Real GDP

Petroleum Import – US Versus China

US Since 1973 and China Since 1993

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S&P 500 Monthly Dividend Yield vs USA 10-year Bond Constant Maturity Yield

1871 to 2012

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Iron Ore

The price of the steelmaking ingredient, which is Australia’s major export, slipped another $US4.50 to $US90.30 overnight on Wednesday, extending the iron ore price fall in the past four months to 38 per cent. Overnight, it fell further to $US88.70.

Iron Ore Spot Price from May 2012

Iron Ore Spot Price and Metallurgical Coal Price from Oct 2010