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U.S. Long-term Treasury Yield and DJIA Since 1900

China Bank Purchases and Sales of USD from Companies

The gaps (net purchases) between the purchases and sales are closing since end of 2011.

U.S.Shadow Banking

US Shadow Banking liabilities – a combination of Money Market funds, GSE and Agency paper, Asset-Backed paper, Funding Corporations, Open Market Paper and of course, Repos – hit $21 trillion in March 2008.

They have tumbled ever since, printing at just under $15 trillion at the end of March 2012, the lowest number since March 2005 when shadow banking liabilities were soaring. This is $6 trillion in flow being taken out of credit-money circulation, with a $143 billion drop in Q1 alone!

Unlike traditional banks, shadow banking has one huge deficiency: it has no deposits!

Shadow Bank Liabilities

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Total Shadow and Traditional Bank Liabilities and Sequential Change

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Sequential Change in Shadow Banking Liabilities

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Components of Deloitte Shadow Banking Index

Source: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/verge-historic-inversion-shadow-banking

The Fed’s Action to Fight Current Financial Crisis

Economic History of China

Share of World GDP

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Trade as Percentage of GDP

Balance of Trade since 1986

Opium Imported and Silver Outflows

The Euro Zone Crisis infographic

U.S. Housing Update


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Stock and Federal Reserve Intervention

S&P 500, 10-year Tresury Yield and Fed Fund Rate

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USD, Crude and Gold

Weekly since September, 2006

China Money Supply M2 Growth

Monthly Money Supply M2 YoY Vs S&P and Gold since 2001

Monthly Money Supply M2 YoY since 1996