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This $5 Billion Dubai Moon Hotel Will Simulate an Outer Space Experience on Earth

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The most populous city in the United Arab Emirates is due to be remodeled by a brand new hotel, which Moon World Resorts believes will live up to Dubai’s reputation for opulent building design. The Canadian corporation intends to construct a total of four MOON resorts, with Dubai being the location of the first one.

Standing at 735-foot-tall, the copy of the Moon will have all of the conveniences and luxuries that one would anticipate from a high-end resort, in addition to unique experiences that are designed to simulate a trip to Earth’s moon.

The goal of the $5 billion venture is to bring the experience of “lunar surface” and “lunar colony” down to Earth so that it may be enjoyed by tourists interested in space travel. Once it is finished being constructed, Sandra Matthews and Michael Henderson, who are the creators of the company, believe that the resort will be able to welcome up to 10 million guests each year.

The moon “colony” alone has the ability to host 2.5 million visitors annually, and there are plans to include a training platform for space programs and astronauts within the complex as well.

Naturally, MOON is still a resort, and as such, there will be a wide variety of activities and amenities available for visitors to try out and appreciate throughout their stay. The resort will have a nightclub, an event center that can accommodate as many as 5,000 people, a spa and wellness center, a jazz piano bar, and a multi-level lounge designed to seem like an alien spaceship.

A sizable conference center is being built with the intention of luring exhibitors from the aerospace and technology industries.

As part of its private home concept, MOON will also have 144 premium apartments that are available for purchase. Every 2,000-square-foot home has a lifetime membership to MOON, which gives the owner access to a variety of special benefits.

The business anticipates that it will take two years to build this one-of-a-kind resort, even if the formal designs for Dubai are still in the process of being approved. “From an architectural, engineering, and design perspective, MOON can be built,” Henderson shares.

Moon World Resorts has a history of creating waves, therefore this is not the first time that they have done so. The business made the announcement in 2021 that they intended to bring MOON to Las Vegas at some point in the future. Henderson said at the time that he and Matthews had first conceived of the idea in the year 2000 and that “the objective was to develop an authentic, mega-scale reproduction of planet Earth’s Moon, incorporating the world’s largest sphere.”

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In Pictures: Hangzhou’s Newest Station Unveiled

Hangzhou’s newest railway station was built for the postponed 2022 Asian Games and will soon open to traffic. West Station, in the capital of East China’s Zhejiang province, is nine floors high, covers 500,000 square meters, and has 11 platforms, making it the largest station on the Huzhou-Hangzhou line

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Infographic: The Top 25 Islands to Visit in 2022

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In Pictures: Asia’s Largest Rail Hub Beijing’s Fengtai Railway Station Reopens

The station resumed services on June 20, 2022 after four years of reconstruction. First built in 1895, it is Asia’s largest rail transport hub. The remodeled station spans 400,000 square meters and includes 32 platforms and rail lines. It is China’s first railway station featuring a double-deck structure that serves both high-speed and regular train services.

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In Pictures: The Charms of the Ming Great Wall

The Hushan Great Wall section

The Zhuizishan Great Wall section

The Laolongtou Great Wall section

The Laiyuan Great Wall section

The Jinshanling Great Wall section

The Wohushan Great Wall section

The Great Wall at Gubeikou

The Simatai Great Wall section

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