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Chart: The Countries With the Best Digital Quality of Life

Source : Statista

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2021 Digital Quality of Life Index . . . . .

Chart: The Countries With the Most Active Volcanoes

Source : Statista

Chart: The People Most Likely to “Borrow” Their Neighbours’ WiFi

Source : Statista

Chart: The Countries Reliant On Nuclear Power

Source : Statista

Chart: 122 Countries on Track to Miss COVID-19 Vaccine Goal

Source : Statista

Charts: Excess Deaths of Selected Countries During COVID-19

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Infographic: Solar Power by Country in 2021

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Source : Visual Capitalist

Charts: Critical Care Bed Per Capita of Selected Countries

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Source : Statista and OECD

Charts: Discretionary Fiscal Response to the COVID-19 Crisis in Selected Economies (Percent of 2020 GDP)

Advanced Economies

Emergent Markets

Low-income Developing Countries

Sources: Database of Country Fiscal Measures in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic; and IMF staff estimates.

Note: Estimates as of June 5th, 2021. Numbers in U.S. dollar and percent of GDP are based on July 2021 World Economic Outlook Update unless otherwise stated. Country group averages are weighted by GDP in US dollars adjusted by purchasing power parity. Data labels use International Organization for Standardization country codes. AEs = advanced economies; EMs = emerging markets; LIDCs = low-income developing countries.

Source : IMF

U.K. NHS Loses Health Care Crown

Source : Statista