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Oil Prices Could Follow Gas Prices Down as Demand Decreases

…. the rise in shale gas supplies and the possible consequences for US manufacturers able to access globally competitive energy supplies for the first time in decades. However, a number of articles have recently come out from academics and economists exploring the longer-term implications of not just shale gas, but also rising shale oil, tar sands and deepwater oil supplies on the North American market.

…. the growth in oil and natural gas supplies in the next decades could turn the United States into a top energy exporter, rivalling some members of OPEC. Natural gas is already lining up to become a significant export as LNG. Refined petroleum products, and even crude oil, could find customers in Europe and Latin America.


U.S. House Price Update

Real House Price Indexed Since 1976

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Nominal House Price Indexed Since 1976

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Price-to-Rent Indexed Since 1983

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Gold Stock Update

HUI Monthly Since 1996

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GDX Weekly

HUI Weekly

HUI Weekly Since 2001

XAU Daily

World Market 2012 On Track for A Replay of 2011

MSCI World Level (Indexed)


Copper Weekly’s Head and Shoulder Formation

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Daily Spot Price

Weekly Spot Price

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Weekly 2006-2010

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Monthly 1960-2005

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US Monetary Inflation

Velocity of Money from 1900 to 2011

Currency in Circulation from 1920

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Curency in Circulation vs Gold Mining Index and DJIA

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US Velocity of Money 1900 to Q3, 2011

China GDP

GDP Quarterly Since 1997

China Crude Oil Import

Crude Oil Import Monthly Since 2006

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China Gold Import

China Gold Import from Hong Kong

S&P 500 and Federal Reserve Intervention

S&P 500 Since 2007

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