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U.S. Household Net Worth

The Average Wealth-to-income of American Households

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Posted on 2017/06/08.

Household Net Worth as % of Disposable Income

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Posted on 2016/07/22.

Networth/GDP Ratio Since 1970

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U.S. Household Networth Is Turning Down

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U.S. Fed almost single-handedly generating a huge expansion in US Net Worth

The stock market has replaced the housing market as the wealth driver

Household Net Worth Q4, 12

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Household Balance Sheet Q3, 2012

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Median Household Networth by Age Goup from 1989 to 2010

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Real Median Household Income Since 1967

US Household Networth Since 1952

Labour Share of National Income Since 1947

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Networth as % of Disposal Income Since 1993

Balance Sheet of Households and Non-profit Organization Since 2001

Total Deposits in Banks

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Sequential Change in Debt Outstanding

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Total Net Worth since 1950

Real Total Net Worth since 1950

Real Total Net Worth since 1980

US Economy

Monthly Change (Amount) in Total Consumer Credit

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Posted on 2017/06/07.

Annualized Growth of Personal Income Since 1969

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Annualized Personal Income Minus Annualized Personal Consumption Expenditure

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Posted on 2017/01/30.

Charts from No Recovery – An Analysis of Long-Term U.S. Productivity Decline

Posted on 2016/12/07.

Source: Scribd

80% Debt Increase Gets 13% Growth

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Posted on 2016/08/04.

Government Financial Assistance

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Social Benefits as % of Real Disposable Income

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Posted on 2016/07/30.

Divergence of Employment-population Ratio and Velocity of Money

Posted on 2016/05/05.

Velocity of M2 Money Stock

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Posted on 2016/04/18.

Tax Revenue vs Entitlements, Defense and Interest Payment

Posted on 2016/04/09.

Total Credit Maket Debt, GDP, Federal Debt and Fed Fund Rate

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Posted on 2016/04/08.

ISM Services and ISM Manufacturing Are Trending Down

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Posted on 2016/01/23.

Fed Interest Rate vs Real Economic Growth

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S&P 500 Annual % Change in Operating Earnings

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Posted on 2016/01/22.

Export Since 2006

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Import Since 2006

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Balance of Trade Since 2006

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Posted on 2016/01/11.

Distribution of Wealth Since 1917

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Posted on 2015/12/20.

The Demise of American Entrepreneurism

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Posted on 2015/12/10.

ISM Manufacturing and ISM Services

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Posted on 2015/12/05.

Business Investment and Consummer Spending in Current and Previous Recoveries

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Posted on 2015/12/01.

Divergence of Service PMI and Manufacturing PMI

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MoM Change in Durable Goods New Order

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Posted on 2015/11/25.

3-month Moving Average of ISM Manufacturing and ISM Non-manufacturing

Posted on 2015/11/13.

YoY Change of Non-defense Capital Goods Order Since 2000

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YoY Change of Core Capex Since 1993

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Posted on 2015/10/27.

Medium Household Income Is Still Going Down

Posted on 2013/08/16.

Five-year Growth in Personal Income Since 1960

Posted on 2013/07/30.

Real Annualized GDP Growth Quarterly Since 1980

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Posted on 2012/04/27

US Federal Surplus/deficit as % of GDP 1933-2011

Posted on 2012/02/14.

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Real Annalized GDP Growth

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Contribution to GDP Growth Component

Posted on 2012/01/29.

U.S. Auto Market

Total Vehicles Sales Since 1975

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Auto Inventory/Sales Ratio SInce 1995

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Posted on 2017/06/04.

Central Banks

BoJ, ECB Balance Sheets Exceed The Fed’s For First Time Ever

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Posted on 2017/06/02.

Unconventional Monetary Policy

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Posted on 2016/07/11.

Central Bank Assets for Euro Area

Total Assets for Bank of Japan

Posted on 2016/03/05.

Cumulatove Change in Central Bank Balance Sheet Since August 2008

Posted on 2013/09/18.

Changes in Central Bank Balance Sheets Since January 2007

Posted on 2013/05/02

Cucumulative Change in Major Central Bank Balance Sheets

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Bank of Japan Balance Sheet and Inflation

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Posted on 2013/04/02.

S&P 500 and Quantitative Easing

Posted on 2013/03/08.

Data from 2008

Posted on 2013/02/26.

Real Yield of Major Developed Countries Since 2000

Central Banks Have Pumped $5.5 Trillion into the World Economy

Cash Assets of Foreign Banks vs Fed Excess Reserves

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Posted on 2013/02/15.

Cash Balances at Domestic and Foreign Banks in U.S. vs Total Fed Reserve Balance

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Total Bank Deposits of China vs U.S.

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Total Balance Sheet of 6 Central Banks

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Growth of Balance Sheet of Central Banks

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Central Banks Balance Sheet Since 2008

Posted on 2013/02/09.

Balance Sheet as Percent of GDP

Central Bank Balance Sheet Since Q1 2007

U.S. Fed Balance Sheet

Bank of England Balance Sheet as Percent of GDP

Bank of Canada Balance

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Posted on 2013/01/30.