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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Infographic of the Debt of the European PIIGS

Bull and Bear Stock Market Structure

US Housing Sales

Sales of New Homes and Existing Homes

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Following the housing bubble and bust, the “distressing gap” appeared mostly because of distressed sales. The flood of distressed sales has kept existing home sales elevated, and depressed new home sales since builders can’t compete with the low prices of all the foreclosed properties.

New Home Sales and Recessions

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Gold Update

A big jump today after Fed says to keep interest rate low until late 2014.

30 Minutes Chart

6-month Daily

Gold vs Common Stock

Gold and S&P 500 Ratio

Gold Bug Index and S&P 500 Ratio

S&P 500 and Gold Bug Index

Stock and Sector Sentiment

Hang Seng Index (week ending 1/20/12)

Daily from June


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US Stock Market Capitalization

Capitalization as % of Nominal GDP from 1925

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US Housing Start from 1968

Monthly Total and One-unit Structures

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US Long-term Interest Rate from 1790

Based on 30-year bond when available

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Canadian Stock

S&P/TSX Since 2011

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S&P/TSX 2013-Today vs 2006-2009

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Posted on 2015/12/08.

TSX 6-month Daily

TSX 2011 Daily

TSX 3-year Weekly

TSX 5-year Weekly

TSX Monthly from 1977 to 2011

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CDNX 2011 Daily

CDNX 3-year Weekly

Posted on 2012/01/18.