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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Exchange Rate Regimes and Currency Crises Since the 1800s

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Source: Goldman Sachs

Eurozone Banks

Makeup of Bank Liabilities

Bank Assets to GDP

U.S. Consumers Update

Personal Saving Rate Since 1959

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Real Disposable Personal Income Per Capita Since 2006

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Seasonally Adjusted Medium Household Income Since 2000

Non-durable Goods Monthly Change Since 2008

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U.S. Capacity Utilisation

Capacity Utilization and Fed Fund Rate Since 1983

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Capacity Utilization and Fixed Investment Q over Q Change % Since 2009

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Eurozone M3 Growth and Bank Lending Diverges

Data since 1992

U.S. Housing Update

U.S. Mortgage Application

Case-Shiller Composite Indices SA, Year-over-year Change

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Case-Shiller Non-seasonally Adjusted 20 City Composite Index

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Nominal House Prices Since Jan, 1976

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Real House Prices Since Jan, 1976

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Price to Rent Since Jan, 1983

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Price of Copper and Stocks of U.S. and China

Asia and Shanghai Copper Inventory

Copper Price and S&P 500 Diverging

Daily from September 2012

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Monthly from 2007

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Copper vs S&P 500 and Shanghai Index in 2011, 2012 and 2013

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China Coal Consumption and Import

Coal Consumption per Unit of GDP Flattens

Coal Imports Surge Since 2009

Over Investment in China

Further Increase in Investment Has Limited Impact on GDP

Note: ICOR = Investment Share (currently about 48%) Divided by GDP Growth

Rapid Growth in Polution

China Electricity Production

Data from 2003