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Monthly Archives: December 2012

China’s GDP Growth

Source: The Economist

Margin Debt and S&P 500 Speculator Net Long Position

Margin Debt Since 2006

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S&P COT Since 2006

U.S. Saving Deposits at Depository Institutions

Data from 2008

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U.S. Dollar in 2012

USD Index

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Euro-Area PMI and GDP

Data Since 2007

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China Rebound Is Based on Stimulus, Not Real Strength

Rail Infrastructure Investment, Fixed Asset Investment and Industrial Production Y/Y Change % Since 2007

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Infrastructure Investment Since 2005

U.S. Debt/GDP and Deficit/GDP

Long Term from 1792 to 2012

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The Declining Trading Volume of Stocks

NYSE Stock’s Volume – 10-day Moving Average Since June 2006

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Highlight of the China Central Economic Work Conference

U.S. Debt/GDP vs Growth and Inflation

Monthly Inflation Since 1872

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