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Chart: German 10-year Yield Rose to Over a Decade High

Source : Bloomberg

Chart: Germany Harmonised Inflation Rate YoY Surged in May 2022

Consumer price inflation rate is the highest since the winter of 1973/1974

Source : Bloomberg and Trading Economics

Chart: The Percentage of German Total Stock Market Cap in World Market Cap Reached a New Low in 2022

Source : Bloomberg

Chart: Inflation – Value of 1 gold Mark vs. paper Marks in Germany between 1918 and 1923

Germany Facing Inflation Pressure Amid Recovery

Source : Bloomberg

Germany 10-year Bond Yield Fell After ECB Meeting

Down to -0.36% on Thursday, its lowest in over a week, after the European Central Bank left monetary policy unchanged but said it increase the pace of purchases under its pandemic emergency programme over the next quarter, aiming to curb rising bond yields and support the bloc’s economy.

Source : Trading Ecomomics

Virus Pushes Germany Into Recession

Source : Trading Economics and Danske Bank

Germany and Japan Bond Yields

Data Since 1989

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Data from 1/13/15 to 2/3/15

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Germany GDP Growth in Secular Decline

Real GDP Growth Since 1980

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10-year German Bund

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Historic Policy Rates of Developed Countries

Data Since 1857

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