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History of Financial Innovations

Data Since 600 BC

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G7 Still Awash in Debt

Debt and GDP in the last decade vs From Start to 2003

  • Until 2003, every $3.6 dollars in debt generated $1 dollar in GDP growth.
  • In the past ten years, it took $6.7 dollars of debt to create $1 dollar of economic “growth.”
  • Total G7 debt/GDP at the end of 2012 was 450%.

Debt and Nominal GDP Since 1998

The G7 have added around $18tn of consolidated debt to a record $140 trillion, relative to only $1tn of nominal GDP activity and nearly $5tn of G7 central bank balance sheet expansion (Fed+BoJ+BoE+ECB).

Over the past five years in the developed world, it took $18 dollars of debt (of which 28% was provided by central banks) to generate $1 of growth.

History of the Last Financial Crisis

Data from Mid-2007 to 2010

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Global House Prices Index

U.S. Income Gap Widens

Top Decile Income Share from 1917 to 2012

Percent Change in Real Income of Top 10% vs the Rest 90%

Trading Volume of S&P 500 Hits 15-year Low

Data Since 1990

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U.S Employment and Withholding Tax Receipt

Wages/salaries Trended up with Tax Receipt Going Down

Employment Going Up and Tax Receipt Going Down

Jobs Increase but Wages/Salaries Are Flat

Labour Force Participation Rate – U.S. vs Canada

Data Since 1950

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Capital Outflow Stresses Indonesian Financial Market

Stock Market

Government Bond


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