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Monthly Archives: January 2014

House Flipping in U.S.

Data for the last 3 years

Total Government, Business, Bank and Household Debts as A % of GDP

Total Debts of Developed Countries and Euro Zone

Data of Nine Countries in 2012

Housing Affordability of Selected Countries

Affordability as Multiples of Income

Average Size of New House

U.S. Retail Foot Traffic and New Retail Space

Effect of Online Shopping or Reduced Real Household Income

Median Nominal and Real Household Income

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Real Disposable Income Per Capita

E-Commence Retail Sales

Shanghai Index vs. Shibor

Data from February, 2013

U.S. Corporations Had More Cash But Even More Debts

Data Since 1998

Divergence of Equity and Commodities in QE3

Data Since 2007

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U.S. Retail Sales vs. Disposal Income

Data Since 1992

Japan Balance of Payment

Data Since 1985

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2月の貿易赤字、7775億円 8カ月連続の赤字


USD/JPY Daily Since February 2013

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Trade Balance

Current Account Balance

USD/JPY Daily from Jan, 2011

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USD/JPY Weekly from 2000

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DOW Current vs. DOW 1928-1930