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China Credit vs GDP Growth

Growth Divergence Increasing

Debt Serving Cost

China Total National Electricity Consumption

Power Consumption Growth Since 2007

Monthly since 2010

Monthly between 2009 and 2011

Monthly Rate of Change (Total and Indiustrial Sectors) between 2009 and 2011

Monthly between 2008 and 2009

Yearly between 2002 and 2007

Yearly between 2000 and 2006

Yearly between 1986 and 2004

Assets on the U.S. Federal Reserve Balance Sheet

Data since 2007

The Quick Depreciation of the Yen

USD/JPY Crosses 100 Today

Tokyo Nikkei Average – 3-year Chart

Nikkei vs Dow Since 1970

Daily Gold Price in JPY

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Weekly Gold Price in JPY

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Monthly Gold Price in JPY

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Crude Oil in JPY


USD/JPY and Nikkei

USD/JPY has closed its 10th consecutive, weekly advance. This is an incredible run.

Since the gold standard was abandoned back in 1971, USD/JPY has produced only two other instances of 10-week consecutive advances.


EUR/JPY 8-hour

AUD/JPY 8-hour

Gold/JPY 8-hour

Junk Bond Yield Down to Less Than 5%

Barclays High Yield Index Since 1987

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U.S. Farmland Bubble

Price Since 2002


Crude Oil and Retail Gas Price

U.S. Demand for Gas Declines

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US Monthly Price (Inlation-adjusted) since 1980

Yearly Prices (Week of March 12)

Weekly Prices of Brent Crude Oil and L.A. Gasoline Price

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The 60-cent to 80-cent increase in gas prices nationwide over the past two months is equivalent to a $60 billion to $80 billion annualized tax on consumption. Since the payroll tax reduction is estimated to have put $114 billion back in consumers’ pockets, the recent run up in oil has negated about 70% of the benefit of this tax cut.

Looking at the increase from another point of view, we estimate the annual increase in wages and salaries over the past 12 months is only $185 billion. A $60 billion to $80 billion annualized increase in fuel prices effectively wipes out about 35% to 45% of the increase in wages and salaries.

US February Average Gasoline Price

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US Weekly Supply of Gasoline vs Miles Driven from 1994

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US Average Gasoline Price in January from 1991

Monthly US Total Gasoline Retail Delivery by Refineries

US Fleet Fuel Economy 1945-2005

US Fleet Fuel Economy 1990-2011

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The estimate for the average fuel economy of the entire US auto fleet is calculated by the total vehicle miles traveled estimated by the Federal Highway Administration, divide by the amount of gasoline consumed according to the EIA (after removing the heavy truck mileage that’s mainly diesel).

Yearly Inflation-adjusted Price from 1972

Monthly Price 2000-2010

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Yearly Price in 2005 Dollars 1949-2009

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Yearly Current Price and Inflation-adjusted Price 1919-2004

Shadow Economy of Europe

Size of Economy as % of Total Economy

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Size of Shadow Economy in Euro

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Amount of Tax Lost

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