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Canadian Household Debts and Net Worth

Household Debt to Disposable Income

Average Residential House Price

Debt Service Ratio

Bank of Canada Overnight Lending Rate

Posted on 2017/03/31

Household Leverage Indicator

Household Debt as % of Disposable Income

Canadain Personal Debt Quarterly Since 1990

Real Net Worth Change vs US Since 1990

Household Sector Indicators Q2, 2010 to Q4, 2011

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Household Sector Indicators Q4, 2008 to Q1, 2010

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Gold Trading

COT Data Since 2009

  • a bull market attracts speculators and the net long positions at both tops and bottoms are significantly higher of those in a bear market. Common sense.
  • the price spike in 2016 attracted a record crowd with 280k net long positions at the 2016 summer top, giving us hope that a new bull market was in progress.
  • however, the sharp sell off into Dec reduced the net long positions to 96k, which was much lower than average bull market value at bottoms.
  • since Dec, prices have recovered about half, while net long positions only reached 164k, which is a bear market value.

COT data confirms a peak in speculation

Posted on 2017/03/11.

Price of Gold and Bitcoin Since 2012

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Gold in Bitcoins

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Posted on 2017/01/04.

200 Years – Dow/Gold Ratio

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Shiller US Home Price Index in Gold

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Posted on 2016/11/27.

Gold Bulls Then and Now

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Posted on 2016/08/29.

Gold Bull Market – 1970 vs 2000

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Posted on 2016/04/21.

Weekly Gold Withdrawals from the Shanghai Gold Exchange Vaults

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Posted on 2016/04/17.

Gold Has Best Quarter in Three Decades

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Posted on 2016/04/02.

Dow/Gold Ratio

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Posted on 2016/03/11.

Gold Price vs MSCI World Stocks

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Gold/Silver Ratio Since 1915

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Posted on 2016/03/08.

Golden Cross in 2016

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Death Cross in 2013

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Posted on 2016/02/26.

Gold/Oil Ratio Passed Historical High Since 1865

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Posted on 2016/02/11.

Gold Price vs Commercial Hedgers’ Net Gold Position

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Posted on 2015/08/09.

Hedge Fund Net Gold Position Since 2006

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Gold Price and CFTC Net Gold Position

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Price of Gold from Previous Lowest Net Gold Position in 2006

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Posted on 2015/08/02.

Speculators Net Long Positions in Bull and Bear Markets

Posted on 2015/07/26.

China and India Gold Demand

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Posted on 2015/06/04

8-year Chart of Gold Price and US Dollar Index

Posted on 2015/05/05.