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U.S. Stock Market Crashes

The 1929 Crash

The Dot-com Crash

The Great Recession

NYSE Stock Market Crashes From 1900 to Present

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Posted on 2017/08/26.


U.S. Household Net Worth

The Average Wealth-to-income of American Households

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Posted on 2017/06/08.

Household Net Worth as % of Disposable Income

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Posted on 2016/07/22.

Networth/GDP Ratio Since 1970

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U.S. Household Networth Is Turning Down

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U.S. Fed almost single-handedly generating a huge expansion in US Net Worth

The stock market has replaced the housing market as the wealth driver

Household Net Worth Q4, 12

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Household Balance Sheet Q3, 2012

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Median Household Networth by Age Goup from 1989 to 2010

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Real Median Household Income Since 1967

US Household Networth Since 1952

Labour Share of National Income Since 1947

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Networth as % of Disposal Income Since 1993

Balance Sheet of Households and Non-profit Organization Since 2001

Total Deposits in Banks

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Sequential Change in Debt Outstanding

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Total Net Worth since 1950

Real Total Net Worth since 1950

Real Total Net Worth since 1980