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Gold Stock

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EUR/USD Update




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Canadian Dollar ($CDW)

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Gold Update

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Higher Education, Higher Unemployment in U.S.

% of Jobless Workers 25 and Up

Out of 9 million unemployed in April, 4.7 million had gone to college or graduated and 4.3 million had not, seasonally adjusted Labor Department data show.

That’s a swing of more than 2 million since the start of 1992, early in another jobless recovery, when 4.1 million who hadn’t gone to college were jobless vs. 2.3 million jobless who had gone.

Crude Oil Update (Week Ending 5/18/12)

Daily since September 2011

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S&P 500 Update

S&P 500 from 10/3/11 to 5/18/12

S&P 500 from 10/1/10 to 5/20/11

S&P 500 from 10/1/10 to 9/30/11

Global Cement Consumption

Consumption per Capita vs. GDP per Capita

Increase in U.S. Debt per $1.00 Increase in GDP

Yearly since 1975

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Student Loan Bubble In US?

Data Since January 1977

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Student Loan in $Billion from 1999

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