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The World’s Most Heavily Indebted Companies

Source : Krypto Szene

U.S. Household Net Worth

The Average Wealth-to-income of American Households

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Posted on 2017/06/08.

Household Net Worth as % of Disposable Income

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Posted on 2016/07/22.

Networth/GDP Ratio Since 1970

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U.S. Household Networth Is Turning Down

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U.S. Fed almost single-handedly generating a huge expansion in US Net Worth

The stock market has replaced the housing market as the wealth driver

Household Net Worth Q4, 12

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Household Balance Sheet Q3, 2012

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Median Household Networth by Age Goup from 1989 to 2010

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Real Median Household Income Since 1967

US Household Networth Since 1952

Labour Share of National Income Since 1947

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Networth as % of Disposal Income Since 1993

Balance Sheet of Households and Non-profit Organization Since 2001

Total Deposits in Banks

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Sequential Change in Debt Outstanding

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Total Net Worth since 1950

Real Total Net Worth since 1950

Real Total Net Worth since 1980

Canadian Household Debts and Net Worth

Household Debt to Disposable Income

Average Residential House Price

Debt Service Ratio

Bank of Canada Overnight Lending Rate

Posted on 2017/03/31

Household Leverage Indicator

Household Debt as % of Disposable Income

Canadain Personal Debt Quarterly Since 1990

Real Net Worth Change vs US Since 1990

Household Sector Indicators Q2, 2010 to Q4, 2011

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Household Sector Indicators Q4, 2008 to Q1, 2010

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Canada Economy

GDP Plus Credit Growth

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America’s crisis begun when the rate of growth of credit began to fall

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Posted on 2016/03/30.

Household Debt Service Ratio

Posted on 2016/01/21.

PMI Since 2009

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Posted on 2016/01/07.

MoM Change in GDP

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Posted on 2015/12/01.

Office Space Vacancy Rate and Oil Price

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Posted on 2015/11/11.

Direct Investment Position Since 2005

12-month Changes in Basic Balance Ending in June from 4.2% Surplus to 7.9% Deficit

Note: Basic balance is a combination of the capital and the current account: a measure of national accounts that spans everything from trade to financial-market flows.

Basic Balance Since 2000

QoQ Change in GDP

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Posted on 2015/11/02.

Canadian Dollar and Mexican Peso vs US Dollar

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U.S. Non-oil Import from Canada and Mexico Since 1999

Posted on 2015/08/19.

Canadian Housing Market

Vancouver – Owenership Costs as % of Median Household Income

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Calgary – Owenership Costs as % of Median Household Income

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Winnipeg – Owenership Costs as % of Median Household Income

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Toronto – Owenership Costs as % of Median Household Income

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Average Price of Single-family Detached in Canada and RBC Housing Affordability Measure

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Source: RBC

Posted on 2016/02/29.

Home Price Index vs WTI Crude

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Posted on 2016/01/29.

House Price and Income

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Posted on 8/25/2015.

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Posted on 2015/01/08.

Canadian, U.S. Housing Price Gap Hits Record

Teranet Canada House Price Index Since 2011

Posted on 2014/04/26.

Household Leverage

Posted on 2013/12/16.

House Price to Income and House Price to Rent Since 1990

Household Debt as % of Disposable Income Since 2003

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GDP, Household Debt and Income Growth Index (1982=100)

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Posted on 2013/12/15.

Canadian vs US Home Prices

Canadian vs US Housing Starts per 10,000 population

Residential Investment from 1991 to 2010

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Demographic Impact

Posted on 2012/1/21.

World Debt

Private Credit of 5 Major Economy Since 1996

Posted on 2016/02/05.

Debt of Non-financial Sectors vs GDP in Local Currency

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Posted on 2015/10/18.

Credit Supercycle – Credit Expansion of US, Europe and EM

Posted on 2015/9/8.

Debt in Advanced Economies as % of GDP Indexed to 2000

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Household Debt-to-income Ratio and % Change in Debt-to-income Ratio

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China’s Debt-to-GDP Ratio and Comparison with Other Countries

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Posted on 2015/2/5.

Total National Debt As A Percentage of GDP

Combined Balanced Sheet of 6 Major Central Banks Since 2002

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Posted on 2014/09/26.

Global Equity as % of Total GDP Since 1990

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Global Financial Assets Growth Slows – Data from 1990

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Global Financial Depth (Debt + Equity), Q2, 2012

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Posted on 2013/3/3.

US Household Debt

Consumer Credit (Revolving)

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Revolving Consumer Credit

Posted on 2015/11/21.

Sequential Change in Revolving and Non-revolving Credits

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Consumer Loans Owned by the Federal Government

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Student Loans

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Total Car Loan and Credit Card Debt

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Source of Consumer Credit

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Posted on 2015/11/06.

Total Household Debt and Composition Since 2003

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Posted on 2015/02/22.

US Debt as % of GDP from 1870

UK and US Total Debt as % of GDP

Japan Total Debt as % of GDP 1990-2011

Posted on 2015/02/14.

Debt per Household from 1975

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Posted on 2015/01/23.

Hong Kong Household Debts

Debt as % of GDP

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Posted on 2015/11/15.

Debts as % of GDP Since 2005

Posted on 2015/1/27.

Debts Soar in Asia

More Debts Needed to Generate Growth

Credit Running Ahead of Growth – Data Since 1994

Productivity Slumping – Data Since 1991

U.S. Corporate Cash Holdings Relative to Debt At Lowest Levels in 15 Years

Data Since 1999

Change in Fixed Investment Spending Since 2009

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