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Chart: GDP Annual Growth Rate – China vs India

Source : Trading Economics

Chart: U.S. Economy Contracted an Annualized 1.6% on Quarter in Q1 2022

Latest Atlantic Fed Forecast for Q2 is -2.1%

Source : Trading Economics and Atlantic Fed

U.S. Q1 GDP Revised Down

Inflation is revised up.

Source : Bloomberg

Chart: The U.S. Economy Contracted an Annualized 1.5% on Quarter in Q1 2022

Source : Trading Economics

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US economy shrank by 1.5% in Q1 but consumers kept spending . . . . .

Chart: The Japanese Economy Contracted 1.0 percent on an Annualized Basis in Q1, 2022

Compared with market estimates of a 1.8 percent fall

Source : Trading Economics

Charts: Hong Kong GDP Contracted 4% in Q1 2022 Over Q1 2021

On a seasonally adjusted quarterly basis, GDP fell 2.9%, more than market estimates of a 0.6% drop

Source : Trading Economics

Chart: The American Economy Expanded an Annualized 6.9% in Q4 2021, Well Above Forecasts of 5.5%

Source : Trading Economics

Infographic: Global GDP 2021

See large image . . . . . .

Source : Visual Capitalist

Charts: GDP of Countries in Market Exchange Rates and Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)

China’s GDP in terms of PPP is the second of the world in 2002

In terms of PPP, India’s GDP is the third of the world in 2012

China’s GDP in PPP is the first of the world in 2014

Source : Lowy Institute (interactive charts)

Chart: GDP of Euro Zone

Source : Bloomberg