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Monthly Archives: April 2020

Eurozone Q1 GDP Down

Real GDP Indexed

Source : Reuters

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U.S. Personal Income and Personal Consumption Expenditure



Personal Saving Rate

Source : Bloomberg

U.S. Jobless Claims

Initial Jobless Claims

Continuing Jobless Claims

Source : Bloomberg

Infographic: 中國3月份主要经济指标降幅明显收窄

Source : Xinhuanet

U.S. Q1 GDP Plunges

Source : Bloomberg

U.S. Pending Home Sales Plummet

Source : Bloomberg

Crude Oil Price, Demand and Supply

Oil Price Resume Long-term Downtrend

The Supply and Price Imbalance

The Supply and Demand Situation

Long-term Supply and Price Since 1920

Source : RIA

Infographic: How COVID-19 Has Impacted Media Consumption, by Generation

See large image . . . . . .

Source : Visual Capitalist

In Pictures: 1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible 4-Speed

Source : Bring A Trailer

US Durable Goods Inventory-to-sales Ratio

Source : Bloomberg