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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Correlation Between Stock and Bond

What will happen when stock and bond correlates psitively?

U.S. High-yield Corporate Bond Yields

Data Since 1987

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Shanghai Interbank Overnight Rate

Overnight Rate Reaches Record High

5-day Average Overnight SHIBOR

Rate increased to near 6% on 6/6/13

2013-06-09 — 7.4900
2013-06-08 — 9.5810 (all time high)
2013-06-07 — 8.2940
2013-06-06 — 5.9820

SHIBOR 7-day Rate

2013-06-09 — 6.6120
2013-06-08 — 7.6030
2013-06-07 — 6.6570
2013-06-06 — 5.1370

Japanese Investors Are Selling Foreign Bonds

They are not buying as seen in the chart below

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500 years of Energy (Wood, Coal and Oil) Prices

Data Since 1500

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The World of Aging Population

Workers per Dependents for Selected Countries

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S&P 500 vs 10-year Treasury Yield

Data Since 1957

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U.S. 10-year Treasury

Yield and Federal Fund Rate Since 1963

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Yield and S&P500 Since 1960

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Nominal and Real Yields Since 1972

Yield Since 1900

Bond Yields of U.S., Germany and Japan Since 1800

Holders of U.S. Debt

Australia’s Economy Trends Down

Annual GDP Growth Rate

Real GDP Growth % per Quarter

Household Saving %

Structural Changes in U.S. Employment

U.S. Employees in Restaurant/Bar and in Manufacturing

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Jobs Created Since End of the Great Recession

Y/Y % Change of Average Hourly Earnings by Industry in May 2013

Y/Y % Change of Fed Funds Rate and Average Hourly Earnings