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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Foreign Award of U.S. Treasuries at Auctions

Trending Down Since 2009

Correlation of Annual Return on CRB Index with China Real GDP Growth and U.S. Dollar

Data Since 1994

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Loan Growth in China

Loans to GDP (%)

Leverage as % of GDP

Loan Growth Exceed Nominal GDP Growth

Loan by Sectors

Massive Speculative Net Long in WTI Crude

Net Longs Since 1990

China Now vs Japan in 1980



The Cost of Zero Interest Rate Policy to Savers in U.S.

Total Savings and Interest Since 1964

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Fed Fund Rate, Total Savings and Interest Since 1986

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Lost Interest on Savings If No Fed Fund RateIntervention

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MSCI China Index

3-year Daily Chart

Weekly Chart Since 1992

Is U.S. in A Liquidity Trap?

Liquidity and Velocity of Money

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Fed FundsRate vs GDP and Inflation

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Japan GDP and 1-year Governemnt Bond Yield

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U.S. Treasury Yield and Credit Market

Current Rise in Yield vs 1994

Yields of 5-year, 10-year, 30-year have been rising since mid-2012

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5-year yields rose 37% this week – the most in 50 year

1-year Chart of 10-year Treasury Yield Index

1-Year Chart of 10-year Treasury Price Index

Recent rise in yield likely linked to Fed taper concern rather than growth outlook

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Note: CDX IG is the Credit Default Swap Index of 125 investment grade CDSs.

Germany Bond Yields Rised Sharply After Fed Taper Talk

10-year Bund Yields