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In One Year The US Mining Industry Lost More Money Than It Made In The Prior Eight

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Posted on 2016/03/23.

Bloomberg Commodity Index

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Bloomberg Commodity Index vs Nasdaq

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Posted on 2015/12/07.

Daily Iron Ore Price Since June 2013

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Monthly Iron Ore Price Since 1995

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S&P tracks commodities’ plunge in 2015

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Posted on 2015/11/30.

Prices of Copper, Aluminum and Iron Ore

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YTD Price Moves of Commodity and Financial Assets

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Posted on 2015/11/21.

LME Commodity Index

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Shanghai Copper, China Containerized Freight Index and Shanghai Composite

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Posted on 2015/11/11.

YTD Performance

QTD Performance

Posted on 8/27/2015

Bloomberg Commodity Index Since December 2014

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Posted on 8/23/2015

CRB Index 13-year Chart

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CRB Daily

CRB Weekly

Copper Daily

Copper Weekly

The Reuters/Jefferies CRB Index Since 1749

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Correlation of Annual Return on CRB Index with China Real GDP Growth and U.S. Dollar

Data Since 1994

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