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Chart: U.S. Wage Growth by Income Quartiles

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Source : KPMG

In Charts: Abenomics

Japan GDP and BOJ Balance Sheet

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Posted on 2016/03/05.

Household Income vs Earning per Share of Stock

Real GDP, Consumer Spending and Export

Velocity of Money and Central Bank Assetsas % of GDP

Posted on 2016/01/03.

YoY Change of Household Spending

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MoM Change of Retail Sales

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MoM Change of Industrial Production

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Posted on 2015/12/28.

Nikkei 225, GDP and BOJ Balance Sheet

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Posted on 2015/11/17.

QoQ Change in GDP Signals Fourth Recession After 2007

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Posted on 2015/11/16.

Average Salary Between 1985 and 2013

Salary Distribution for A Family of Four in 2013

Consumer Index Since 1991

Posted on 2015/11/05.

YoY Change in Household Spending Since 2004

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Posted on 2015/10/30.

QoQ % Change in GDP Since 2008

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Posted on 2015/08/17.

YoY % Change of Real Cash Earning of Employees

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Changes in the Support for Abe’s Cabinet

Posted on 2015/07/26.

Retail Sales YoY Change Since 2003

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Posted on 2015/04/28.

Basic Wages Since February 2012

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Real Cash Earning Since 1991

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Posted on 2015/04/03.

MoM % Change of Inflation in the Last 12 Months

Same Month % Change of Inflation from Last Year Since January, 2008

YoY % Change of Nominal and Real Household Expenditure Since 2012

YoY % Change of Nominal and Real Household Income Since 2012

Posted on 2015/03/27.

Service PMI Since 2012

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30-year JGB Yield

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Posted on 2015/03/04.

Jobless Rate

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YoY Change in Retail Sales

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YoY Change in Household Spending

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Nikkei 225

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Posted on 2015/02/27.

Wages and Their Growth Are Falling

Saving Rate Is Dropping Down Below Zero

Posted on 2014/12/26.

Triple-dip Recession

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Posted on 2014/12/21.

GDP QoQ% Since 2007

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Posted on 2014/10/07.

Abenomics and Beyond in Charts

Posted on 2014/09/07.

Real Spending and Real Disposable Income (indexed from 2009)

Posted on 2014/09/05.

GDP Growth Annualized Since 1994

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Consumer Spending QoQ Since 1994

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Posted on 2014/08/12.

Japan Labour Earnings and CPI Since 2004

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Posted on 2014/07/02.

Household Spending Since 2001

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CPI SInce 1979

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Posted on 2014/06/26.

Japan Base Earnings YoY – Down by 24 Months in A Row

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Posted on 2014/06/03.

Balance of Payment Data Since 1985

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Posted on 2014/05/13.

Markit PMI Since Mid-2011

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Posted on 2014/04/29.

Foreign Net Buying of Japanese Equity Since 2001

Base Wage YOY Change

Posted on 2014/04/01.

Industrial Production Month-over-month Change

Markit PMI

Posted on 2014/03/31.

Inflation Data Since 1996

Household Spending Data Since 2009

Posted on 2014/03/27.

Export and Share of World Export

Trade Balance

Posted on 2014/03/20.

Easy Money is Not Moving the Economy

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Posted on 2013/11/08.

U.S. GDP and Wage Growth

Nominal GDP Since 1948

Real GDP Since 1948

Median Weekly Real Earnings Since 1979

Real Median Housewhole Income Since 1984

U.S. Corporate Profits and Wages as A % of GDP

Data Since 1947

U.S. Wage

YoY % Change in Jobs vs Average Hourly Earnings

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Inflation Adjusted YoY % Change in Hourly Earning

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