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Video: Digit, Humanoid Robot with Both Mobility and Manipulation Capabilities

Video: Inside China’s Robotic Restaurant in Guangzhou

This futuristic robotic restaurant in south China’s metropolis Guangzhou is unlike anything the country has seen before.

Watch video at You Tube (2:45 minutes) . . . . .

Boston Dynamic Robots Dancing to the Tune of Do You Love Me

Video: Meal Assembly Robot

Meant for QSRs, catering companies and grocery retailers, the DK-One is an all-in-one enclosed 2m x 2m kiosk that assembles various cold and hot ingredients into prepared meals. The DK-One doesn’t cook any food, but rather holds ingredients at proper temperatures until the order is placed.

In its current pre-production version, the DK-One holds 18 ingredients (fruits, yogurts, proteins, veggies, etc.), can make between 6 – 12 bowls at any one time (depending on the complexity of the individual orders), and can make 100 bowls an hour.

Once an order is placed either through a mobile app or accompanying tablet, an articulating arm inside the DK-One grabs a container, fills it with the necessary ingredients and deposits the finished meal into a cubby for pickup.

Watch video at vimeo (2:03 minutes) . . . . .

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