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The Price of Electricity from New Power Plants

Crude Oil Price, Demand and Supply

Oil Price Resume Long-term Downtrend

The Supply and Price Imbalance

The Supply and Demand Situation

Long-term Supply and Price Since 1920

Source : RIA

China Housing

Shenzhen Home Price

Posted on 2016/03/18.

House Price and Consumer Confidence Index

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YoY % Change in Price Since 2005

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YoY % Change of House Prices in China’s Top 4 Cities Since August 2005

Charts: Oil Price May Be Lower and For Longer

Price of Oil, 1976-1989 vs 2014-present

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% Change in Price of Brent Oil in The Past Bear Markets

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Age of Oil and Gas Capital Stock and Brent Price Since 1925

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Deviation of Housing Price-to-Rent Ratio from Historical Average

Data for Selected High Income Countries in Q2, 2013