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Chart of the Day: The U.S. Fed Balance Has Nearly Double After One Year to a New Record

Source : Bloomberg

Central Bank Balance Sheets to Hit $28 Trillion Next Year

Source : BofA

World Central Banks are Buying $2.4 Billion Assets Every Hour in the Past 8 Weeks

Source : Deutsche Bank

Infographic: The US Fed’s Balance Sheet – The Other Exponential Curve

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Source : Visual Capitalist

Central Banks

BoJ, ECB Balance Sheets Exceed The Fed’s For First Time Ever

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Posted on 2017/06/02.

Unconventional Monetary Policy

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Posted on 2016/07/11.

Central Bank Assets for Euro Area

Total Assets for Bank of Japan

Posted on 2016/03/05.

Cumulatove Change in Central Bank Balance Sheet Since August 2008

Posted on 2013/09/18.

Changes in Central Bank Balance Sheets Since January 2007

Posted on 2013/05/02

Cucumulative Change in Major Central Bank Balance Sheets

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Bank of Japan Balance Sheet and Inflation

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Posted on 2013/04/02.

S&P 500 and Quantitative Easing

Posted on 2013/03/08.

Data from 2008

Posted on 2013/02/26.

Real Yield of Major Developed Countries Since 2000

Central Banks Have Pumped $5.5 Trillion into the World Economy

Cash Assets of Foreign Banks vs Fed Excess Reserves

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Posted on 2013/02/15.

Cash Balances at Domestic and Foreign Banks in U.S. vs Total Fed Reserve Balance

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Total Bank Deposits of China vs U.S.

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Total Balance Sheet of 6 Central Banks

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Growth of Balance Sheet of Central Banks

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Central Banks Balance Sheet Since 2008

Posted on 2013/02/09.

Balance Sheet as Percent of GDP

Central Bank Balance Sheet Since Q1 2007

U.S. Fed Balance Sheet

Bank of England Balance Sheet as Percent of GDP

Bank of Canada Balance

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Enlarge chart ….

Posted on 2013/01/30.

Cumulative % Change in Central Bank Balance Sheets