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In Pictures: Central China Dongting Lake Is Drying Up

Water channels in Dongting Lake in Junshan district, Yueyang in Central China’s Hunan province, dried up on Sunday. Since July, China’s second-largest freshwater lake has shrunk dramatically due to a combination of extreme heat and low rainfall

Monitoring data from the National Satellite Meteorological Center shows that the water area of Dongting Lake was about 546 square kilometers on Aug. 21, a decrease of about 62% compared with August 10 years ago.

The drought has turned part of Dongting Lake into grassland.

Birds are foraging near the dried-up bed of Dongting Lake.

A man rides his motorcycle on the lakebed.

The water level at Dongting Lake’s Chenglingji hydrological station fell to 21.75 meters at 8 a.m. Monday, the lowest record for August in 50 years.

The sediment-rich water of Dongting Lake runs into the Yangtze River on Monday in Yueyang.

Source : Caixin

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