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Daily Archives: July 9, 2022

In Pictures: 1952 Aston Martin DB2

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Canadian Cities Like Vancouver and Hamilton Top L.A. and Chicago As More Expensive Places to Live

Tyler Durden wrote . . . . . . . . .

Canada’s most expensive cities to live are starting to officially overtake the U.S.’s most expensive cities to live.

In fact, Mississauga, Vancouver, and Hamilton are more expensive than well known expensive U.S. cities like Los Angeles and Chicago, according to a new study from Canadian insurance provider PolicyAdvisor.

The study looked at the “10 biggest cities by population in each of Canada and the US based on the average cost of eight items in each – a cinema ticket, a meal out, a bottle of water, a cappuccino, one month of gym membership, a one way ticket and a monthly ticket on public transport as well as a month’s rent”.

Topping the list remains New York, which is the most expensive city when “considering cost of living in relation with salary”. The combined cost of the basket of 8 items that the study looked at accounted for 57% of the average salary in New York, the study found.

New York was followed by Mississauga, Canada, at 56.4% of salary, and Vancouver, Canada, at 50% of salary. Both Hamilton and Toronto, Canada beat out well known expensive U.S. cities like Los Angeles and San Diego.

New York had the “highest price of rent, at an average of $3,381.88 per month, as well as the highest gym membership cost ($103.35), monthly transportation pass ($129.5) and cost of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant ($25),” the study found.

Toronto had the “second highest cost of monthly transport pass after New York” and Hamilton also a high monthly travel pass, at $85. Vancouver was toward the top of the list because of its far lower salary than other cities – people earned just $3,804.53 per month there.

“The impact of the pandemic has made a lot of people reconsider their priorities for both their careers and where they want to live. This data contains some surprising results, as even though some major cities in North America might be perceived as having lower living costs – when factoring in the average salary in the area, it’s not as clear cut,” a PolicyAdvisor spokesperson said.

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Infographic: The Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka

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Black Box for New Cars Now Mandatory in the EU

Marie-Julie Van de Sijpe wrote . . . . . . . . .

From July 2022 onwards, all cars, trucks and buses manufactured in Europe will now have to be equipped with a black box, just like in airplanes.

The principle was voted on in the European Parliament in 2019, with the aim of improving road safety. The new rules for the road only apply to vehicles that are new to the market – people who drive around with a somewhat older car do not have to change cars or get one installed.

The new black box for cars comes with all sorts of safety applications: it records all driving data from speed and acceleration, to belt use and braking.

It also includes advanced systems that assist drivers to stick to the speed limit. Moreover, there is an option to install an alcohol lock.

Just like in airplanes, the device would come with an in-vehicle data recorder for incidents, with the difference being that it will not record any conversations inside the vehicle.

It will be easier for experts to access the driver’s data, as it helps to provide liability in case of serious accidents, by simply providing information about the first 30 seconds before and 10 seconds after the impact.

“It will be useful for serious accidents, which are a minority in relation to the total number of cases. The judicial authorities will not ask for the data after every accident. There are only 7,000 to 8,000 serious accidents out of 45,000 bodily injury accidents each year,” Benoît Godart, road safety spokesman at the Vias Institute, told La Libre.

Some motorists’ associations are not pleased with this decision and see it as “an additional cost for new cars”.

“The price of the device is about a hundred euros. This will be reflected in the price of the car and will also be included in the insurance,” Pierre Chasseray, general delegate of the French association “40 million motorists”, told France Info on Monday.

The black box mandate will be extended to private cars and other second-hand commercial vehicles from 2024 onwards.

Source : The Brussels Times

Infographic: Elements Making Up the Human Body

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