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China Gets a Step Closer to Unifying Its Fragmented $20 Trillion Bond Market

China’s central bank and top securities regulator approved a new set of rules designed to further connect the country’s two bond markets by establishing a mechanism that allows investors from one to trade on the other.

The measures for connecting the interbank and exchange bond markets mark the latest move in the nation’s years-long push to unify its fragmented $20 trillion bond market, whose different rules have added to red tape for traders.

The mechanism laid out in the rules will allow institutional investors on the exchange bond market, including qualified foreign institutions, to trade bonds, asset-backed securities and other eligible products on the interbank market, and vice versa.

Source : Caixin

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关于发布《银行间债券市场与交易所债券市场互联互通业务暂行办法》的通知 . . . . .

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