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Daily Archives: February 5, 2016

World Debt

Private Credit of 5 Major Economy Since 1996

Posted on 2016/02/05.

Debt of Non-financial Sectors vs GDP in Local Currency

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Posted on 2015/10/18.

Credit Supercycle – Credit Expansion of US, Europe and EM

Posted on 2015/9/8.

Debt in Advanced Economies as % of GDP Indexed to 2000

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Household Debt-to-income Ratio and % Change in Debt-to-income Ratio

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China’s Debt-to-GDP Ratio and Comparison with Other Countries

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Posted on 2015/2/5.

Total National Debt As A Percentage of GDP

Combined Balanced Sheet of 6 Major Central Banks Since 2002

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Posted on 2014/09/26.

Global Equity as % of Total GDP Since 1990

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Global Financial Assets Growth Slows – Data from 1990

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Global Financial Depth (Debt + Equity), Q2, 2012

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Posted on 2013/3/3.