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Daily Archives: February 17, 2013

Global Import and Export of Goods in 2012

Annual % Change

Investor Intelligence Sentiment

Index Compared with S&P500 Since 2006

Foreign Transaction in Long-term U.S. Assets

Consolidated Gross Amount in $Million Since January 2007

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Stock Holdings in $Billion Since January 2000

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Taxpayer Funds Spent on Saving Banks In Euroland

Euro 299 Billion and Counting

U.S. Home Values Over Time

Data Since 1890

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Boomerang Foreclosure in U.S.

Nevada and Washington

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Total U.S. Credit Oustanding

Federal Public Debt

State and Local Government Debt

Total Credit Market Debt

Debts of Households, Businesses and Government as A Percentage of GDP Since 1975

Data From 1975 to 2012

Japan Share of Global Export And GDP Growth

Export Data Since 1965

GDP Quarterly Growth – 5-year Data from Q1 2008

Selected Sovereign Debt to Tax Ratio in Past Crises

Data Since 1827

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US Foodstamp and Disability Recipients vs Nonfarm Payroll

American on Foodstamps

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Foodstamps Participating Households

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Cumulative Change Since December 2007

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